13th Floor Entertainment & Cannibalistic Events Present Unmerciful


Cephalotripsy, Incinerate, splattered, Fetal Disgorge

Sun, July 23, 2017

7:00 pm

The Rogue Bar

Scottsdale, AZ

$12.00 - $15.00

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This event is 21 and over

Death metal from Topeka Kansas

clint applehanz-guitars,vocals
King James-drums
tony reust-vocals
jeremy turner-guitar,vocals
derek engemann, bass

The utter brutality of UNMERCIFUL was founded in 2001 in a cramped, 8 foot by 8 foot room of a shoe box house in the boonies of Topeka, KS. James King (frustrated guitarist) and Clint Appelhanz (fresh out of recording engineering school) took a journey to a music store to invest in some gear for recording. The gruesome twosome anointed themselves with the name "Anal Maggot". With indispensable recording access and relentless determination, the two began to evolve into an inexorable force. Recognizing the need for a full band (and a name change), Clint and James began auditioning various musicians and changed the name to UNMERCIFUL, but could not find a stable lineup. Thus, the band temporarily disbanded in 2002 when Clint re-joined ORIGIN (after the departure of Jeremy Turner). Meanwhile, James had found a lineup with Jamie and Nate Serrano and Brian "Big B" Owensby. After Origin was finished touring, Clint re-joined the "new" UNMERCIFUL and recorded the demo "Weed Out the Weak". Yet again, the lineup disbanded and were replaced by Jeremy Turner (who, since the departure with Origin, had been with CANNIBAL CORPSE as a touring guitarist), and SICK up-and-comer Tony Reust on vocals. UNMERCIFUL is in the midst of recording a full length album of inevitable destruction, set out to lay waste to all. UNMERCIFUL is also looking for a permanent bassist with inexplicable skill and professional manner. Serious inquiries only. Look for a special appearance by at least one person on this recording, tentatively titled "Unspeakable Acts"!
Incinerate was spawned from the depths of hell during the early summer months of 98'. With one song written, and the name Incinerate, guitarist Scott Ellingboe quickly recruited Randy Grolemund on drums. Shortly after, Jesse Watson joined the band as the vocalist. And finally, after nearly a year of searching, they found bassist Mike Presley.

After completing their line-up, the band wasted no time, and started playing many local shows with such national acts as Broken Hope, Fleshgrind, Skinless, and Incantation. In February, 2000, they released their first long and short sleeve shirts. Also in February, 2000, the band recorded their first promotional multimedia CD and was able to push over 650 copies at the 2nd annual March Metal Meltdown in New Jersey, the 14th annual Milwaukee Metalfest, as well as throughout shows in their hometown. The CD was recorded and mixed by Randy Grolemund, and the entire project was produced by Incinerate. The self titled CD included three songs, and two videos that were taken from one of their previous shows.

After Randy Grolemund left the band, drummer Tom Olmsted took over. Unfortunately, due to a total lack of dedication, Tom left the band after only two shows. Incinerate went for a year and a half, unable to find a solid drummer that could match their brutality. These were dark times for the band. But now original drummer Randy Grolemund is back as Incinerate's drummer.

Incinerate just signed to the brutal death metal label Brutal Bands, and they just unleashed their long awaited full length debut CD entitled "Dissecting The Angels". This CD contains 10 crushing tracks of pure twisted sickness. Along with their new CD, they have new shirt designs and stickers.

Now Incinerate plans to promote their debut album with shows throughout the US. They will also begin writing their second album, with a late 2003--early 2004 tentative release date.
Low crushing chainsaw guitars, insane "anti-gravity" snare blasting madness, brutal distorted bass, and the gnarliest puke low guttural vocals possible is what makes up this slam outfit. This four piece out of the East Bay Area are new on the scene and are ready to destroy. Keep an look out for upcoming shows, merchandise, and more.
Fetal Disgorge
Venue Information:
The Rogue Bar
423 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ, 85257