13th Floor Entertainment Presents The Motive CD Release Party


Scattered Guts, AUTUMN'S END, Sectas, Ironkill, Sirenhex

Sat, December 1, 2018

6:00 pm

Joe's Grotto

Phoenix, AZ


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This event is 18 and over

MOTIVE: One of AZ's longest standing new wave of Thrash outfits with roots spanning back over a decade. Walking a fine line between retro and current while introducing their special brand of musical violence to a young new "hip" scene.
Scattered Guts
Ruben Munoz / Derrick Davis / Zack Egan / Nick Albares / Vance Eastland

“Many bands struggle to find their own identity but Scattered Guts offers a fresh, yet familiar sound to the scene. Scattered Guts‘music is littered with heavy riffs and powerful vocals. Drummer Vance Eastland is an absolute monster at creating a relentless, driving beat. Derrick and Zack have a perfect harmony of low-register guitar riffs, laden with shredding-style guitar work.”
-Sandra Acosta-Roberts - Death Weddle Arizona Metal blog

“Describing themselves as "Arizona style stoner thrash", Scattered Guts appropriately formed on April 20, 2008. The band plays an aggressive style of thrash metal.”

"They're an energetic and charismatic group which sets them apart from most locals. They joked around in between jams and showed some good stage presence and choreography as well. Their sound is definite American death and dare I say Cannibal-esque"
-Mario Campa -
The multi-faceted face of human emotion is known by many: situational, individualized, universal, unending. Within its matrix, you will be led to music by your need for expression, for that dismal joy of validation, and to seek the sound of your internal landscape set to melody. Only in music can you afford to drown yourself in an exploration of what is really staring back at you in the mirror; only you can ultimately choose to descend into the cartography of your own hopes and despairs. Those who are there to guide you through your consciousness must be highly responsible and well-versed in both pessimism and optimism. Eager to share their authentically haunted expertise is Phoenix’s AUTUMN’S END.

The desert is a place of extremes where you are taught the true meaning of a mile. Spawned in Arizona in 2002 by former N17, Mission 66, Rorschach Test, and clinician guitarist & vocalist Chris Cannella, the approach to music-making taken by AUTUMN’S END was simple: utilize any approach which serves the song best - whether electric or acoustic - because wanting to be the next Rob Zombie is nowhere on the agenda. With the blending of naked aggression, unapologetic melodies, and death metal/clean vocals, AUTUMN’S END seeks to restore the damage done to the metal scene by the homogenization of metal’s sound and return to a performance-driven, organic-sounding metal whose roots lie with heritage albums such as Megadeth’s Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?, Slayer’s Reign In Blood, and Celtic Frost’s To Mega Therion.

After a few lineup changes, Cannella ultimately solidified the lineup with Rude-T, Tanner Crace and Former band mate Jason Kowalski of N17 and Hogjaw. Technically each member was also in N17 at one time or another. Thrown into their cauldron of influence & inspiration were Johnny Cash, New Model Army, Savatage, Opeth, Meshuggah, Fields Of Nephilim, Skinny Puppy, and Neurosis (to name but a few). All these guys needed to launch their musical alchemy was the sweat of perseverance and the heat of a live stage. The result? A new extention of their eclectic death metal sound on a new technical level.

Spanning the various seasons of human emotion, from the quiet introspection censed indignation chilling regret and galloping triumph every emotion is genuine and credible. With their ability to document the spectrum of humanity’s trajectories, uniformities, and deviations, members of AUTUMN’S END are nothing short of being musical poet laureates of our time.

The fruits of AUTUMN’S END’s work ethic don’t stop there. Through the years, their live exorcisms have opened for national touring bands such as Krisiun, Arsis, Arch Enemy, Hate Eternal, Vader, Machine Head, Korn, Fear Factory, Danzig, Body Count, and Eyes Of Fire to name a few. They’ve attained endorsements with ESP guitars and basses, Mesa Boogie, DR Strings, A&S Cases, Dunlop Picks and pedals, all without being signed to a constant label. Cannella even conducted North American & European guitar clinics for Jackson and the late Homebrew Electronics since 2002.

We are the sum of our experiences. We are the ones who shape our futures with the blood in our own hands. Few are the ones who choose to tell themselves a story different from the one everyone else repeats. AUTUMN’S END stand among those rare musicians who can create a soundtrack rich with the complexity of the human condition and have it creatively reflect the sonic representations of humanity’s chaos, fury, and collective agonies.
SectaS (cult, sect, domination) is a band like no other. This trios brand of high energy metal featuring Christian Lee (lead vocals/lead guitar) David "Runaway" SectaS (bass) and Brian Regalado (drums/back-up vocals) will invade your very soul. Reminiscent of early Megadeth meets Rush, SectaS' music is hard driving, yet melodic with a positive message behind every lyric. Christian's guitar licks rival all of the "guitar God's" the industry has fed music lovers from day one. Runaways bass tactics tantalize the beast within to scream his name like the teenage groupie of yesteryear, and Brian's fierce double-kick abilities will reach into your chest and force your heart rhythm to match his beats. SectaS' musical influences span from Alice in Chains to Led Zeppelin and beyond, while maintaining a truly unique sound.

Sectas are the winners of the Producer's Choice Hard Rock Band of the Year 2015 L.A. Music Awards( Released on their album "Hopes of a New Time", SectaS' hit single "Hear Me Loud" ( is an anthem to announce their presence with profound authority. SectaS has opened for amazing national acts such as Queensrÿche, Y&T, Papa Roach, and many others. SectaS has so many stellar accomplishments they could brag about insistently, yet they choose humility and true brotherhood to egotistical rants which is quite rare in music. These qualities make SectaS' fans loyal for LIFE, not just a passing fancy to anyone that claims SectaS fandom. Christian Lee is endorsed with ESP guitars, Tsunami Cables, Erafuzz Pedals and Miktek Microphones (, David “Runaway” Sectas is endorsed with Spector Bass, Krank amps and Tsunami Cables (

Brian Regalado is endorsed by Miktek Microphones, and Sectas is sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey ( Sectas has been featured in ION Indie Magazine worldwide (

Pages 182-189), The Phoenix New Times has called Christian Lee one of the top 15 guitarists in all of Arizona ( as well as one if the top 10 vocalists ( Phoenix New Times has also named SectaS one of the top 10 best metal shows one MUST see while in AZ ( If SectaS is playing anywhere near you, missing their show could be the worst decision of your life... Go and hear what you've been missing!!!
Venue Information:
Joe's Grotto
13825 E 32nd St
Phoenix, AZ, 85032