Usnea & Chrch

13th Floor Entertainment Presents Usnea & Chrch

Usnea & Chrch

Goya, Thra

Tue, July 9, 2019

8:00 pm

Yucca Tap Room

Tempe, AZ

$10.00 - $13.00

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This event is 21 and over

Doom metal band from Portland, Oregon that formed in 2011.

Joel Williams - Bass/vocals
Zeke Rogers - Drums
Johnny Lovingood - Guitar
Justin Cory - Guitar/vocals
"The old and oft quoted adage about "the music speaking for itself" is not a callous or casual statement when applied to the Sacramento, California based doom quintet Church, who have been hard at work crafting their particular brew of sound since late 2013. There is no image or campy gimmick to uphold, only the humble continuation and glorification of those fundamental musical elements that first built and then sustained the genre and it's offshoots over the course of decades.

This purity and honesty comes across in a striking manner on the band's debut 'Unanswered Hymns', a sprawling roller coaster of an album that plumbs the heights and depths of emotion, whether be it sorrow, loss, or redemption. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Studios in Rocklin, CA, the recording exudes a warm, organic tone that draws the listener in to music heavily influenced by traditional doom, psych rock, drone, and ambience. Church cannily wields dynamic songwriting, musicianship, and raw power to spin a spellbinding tale of occult darkness that clashes with illuminating melodies and riffs drenched in grimy reverb. Minimalistic, indulgent, or straightforward, the music of Church is simply whatever the listener wants it to be."
American Metal three-piece hailing from Phoenix, AZ.- in the vein of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Sleep.

Current Members:
Jeff Owens - guitar, vocals
Nick Lose - drums
Sonny DeCarlo - bass

Former Members:
Jirix-Mie Paz - bass
Joe Asselin - bass
Ben Clarkson - bass
Shane Taylor - drums
Formed in 2016, THRA is a 4- piece, battle riffing, Sludge/ Death band who dwell beneath the smouldering skies of Arizona.
Venue Information:
Yucca Tap Room
29 W. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ, 85282